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10 Steps to Align Legal Sales & Marketing
If you want to want to drive real revenue growth in an environment manipulated by a global pandemic, then you must find new ways to think about, study and prepare to meet the needs of the new legal services buyer.
5 Solutions to the Problems With Legal Tech Marketing & Sales
In response to the problems iterated in articles about legal tech marketing and sales, we offer five proven solutions on how to these revenue growth strategies should be evolving, post-pandemic.
6 Tips for Driving Sales Team Success:  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
When a team is working like a well-oiled machine, the power it generates is unstoppable. These 6 tips will turn your sales team into a high-performing race car, driving like lightning to victory lane.
The New Legal Services Buyer: How Technology Has Changed the Way We Buy and Sell
How do we connect with buyers of legal services and technology after more than a year of social separation, remote meetings, and backtracking on budgets?