Remote Worker:  Burnout and Balance

Melissa Rogozinski
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Remote Worker:  Burnout vs. Balance

(Authored by Joanna Roman

Our topic for May 13, 2020 was Remote Worker:  Burnout and Balance, and the featured wine was the Agua de Piedra Gran Reserva Malbec. The issues related to burnout were many and included longer working hours, losing focus due to distractions, feeling trapped inside, inability to turn off the computer or set down phones, losing decompression time in the drive between work and home and attempting to keep team or family members engaged and happy.

But, in turn, so many solutions were offered, and 42% of attendees's theme song is "Eye of the Tiger"!

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Melissa Rogozinski shared that we must give ourselves grace for the burnout.  She explained that when she “hit the wall,” she reached out to a friend to share her issue, then really listened to the advice and encouragement she received.  

Our resident career counselor, C. Dawn Martin, added that it is okay to hit the pause button when you feel burnout coming on because, if you wait longer, it is harder to recover.

As for Nikolai Pozdniakov, he stated that it is more difficult to disconnect when you are at home, so you must set boundaries to keep balance between personal and professional.

Since it is so easy, after hours, to go back in to answer one more email or finish one last task, Marla Mohr added that she shuts the door to her home office to signal the end of her work day.  Otherwise, she finds that she can easily lose an hour or two of precious, personal time.   She also recommended taking two, fifteen-minute breaks during the day - once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Schedule them like appointments on your calendar to help keep the commitment.

As for Joanna Roman, stepping away from her home office allows her to decompress and clear her head.  Consider setting up in another part of the house or on the patio for a change of scenery is a great way to break up the monotony of your daily routine.  

Gina Shimp observed that we no longer have a work-life balance but, rather, we have evolved into a work-life blend.  She explained that she allows herself to do a personal task or appointment during the work day without fretting, because she knows she will complete her assignments.  She added that her company held a Zoom where they all brought their pets to keep that sense of community alive.   

Sheryl Riley and her co-workers re-create the work environment by setting up a House Party account so any member can drop in, and chat for a few minutes, like in an office, then go back to work.  It creates a sense of community, keeps people connected, but allows for work to be completed.  

Not every suggested solution is right for everyone, but the key is to try out different ways and find what is right for you. And never forget there will be days where extra grace is required.

(RPC Strategies thanks Joanna Roman for contributing her Wine Wednesday Wisdom and this article for our blog.)

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Melissa Rogozinski