RPC Strategies, LLC
RPC Strategies, LLC
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    Why should you hire RPC Strategies' executive marketing team?

    You should hire us because we align marketing and sales to help you convert more leads into revenue.
    "Regardless of whether you consider marketing an expense or investment, 
    every idea, every decision, every move you make should be designed to generate revenue."
    Melissa Rogozinski, Founder & CEO


Melissa Rogozinski
​Chief Executive Officer

Rainmaker | Email Campaigns 

Marketing Ops | Sales Coaching

Chris O'Connor, Esq.
​Senior Content Strategist

Buyer Personas | Content Strategist | Privacy Professional

Jeannie Pond
Operations Manager

Project Management | Events Sales Coaching

Nicolas Baltazar, Jr.
Campaigns Manager

CRM Setup & Training

Email Campaigns | Sales Ops

Mark Combs
​Sr. Creative Strategist

Branding | Graphics 

Logos | Art Director

Join The Dream Team!
​Proud RPC Consultant

Helps Clients Drive Revenue

Strategic Marketing & Sales

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