Digital Nomad: Skills for Advancement

Melissa Rogozinski
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Digital Nomad:  Skills for Advancement

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(Authored by C. Dawn Martin, Esq.)  

Our topic for May 6, 2020 was Digital Nomad:  Skills for Advancement & Setting Up a Virtual Business, and the featured wine was Apothic Dark.  Seventeen people attended and brought their business and legal expertise in marketing, legal technology, compliance, legal staffing, knowledge and information management, and a host of other superpowers*.  (*When asked which superpower they'd choose, 44% of attendees said they want to read the minds of other people.)

So…what does it mean to be a digital nomad?  A nomadic life is associated with a free-flowing way of living and working without being tied to a certain location.  With that comes the freedom to travel and migrate as you wish to seize the day and grab opportunities.  
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Be Technology Agnostic

We had a lively discussion about ways to serve your audience and share your expertise without being anchored to any particular software or hardware.  By learning to serve your community with any variety of technology tools, you open an array of digital opportunities that may have been otherwise out of reach. 

Did you know that social media platforms use algorithms to determine how, when, and where user posts show up on the platform?  It is helpful to know how to work with and not against those mathematical rules.  In particular, be sure to leverage your network and maximize exposure to your content by creating valuable, easy-to-digest messages. 
Nikolai Pozdniakov of Hashtag Legal
Create Video Content and Share with Your Social Media Networks

Video content has become a very popular and effective way to share your expertise, generate attention, and drive marketing on social media.  Nikolai Pozdniakov, Owner of HashtagLegal and E-Discovery Production Manager at vdiscovery, shared DIY tips for creating and sharing video content using free or low-cost digital tools:

•Early call to action
•Limit videos to 1-2 minutes
•Text on screen to summarize content
•Track engagement and analyze views, shares, comments

•Tailor content to platform features

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Video Marketing Using a Specific Tool

Ginger Shimp, Senior Marketing Director with SAP, shared the features of her company’s robust video marketing tool and explained how the tool was built on industry best practices:

•Account managers create personalized video messages for each recipient
•Recipients are asked to rank topics in order of their interest [early call to action]
•The platform ranks short educational videos and presents them in order [short videos]
•The software gathers information about the recipient to learn about their behavior and preferences (ex: were any topics not ranked? How many videos were watched? Were any videos skipped or stopped in the middle?) [customer intelligence]

Alternative Methods for 1:1 Video Marketing

In Email Campaigns:  Marketing's Center of Gravity, we are reminded that email campaigns provide a hyper-targeted way to stay in front of leads with quality content until they are ready to engage in a sales deal with your company.  Consider using video in email campaigns and action-based autoresponders to present content in an alternative format for subscribers.

Whatever your message…SAY IT LOUD!  (RPC Strategies thanks C. Dawn Martin, Esq. for contributing her Wine Wednesday Wisdom and this article for our blog.)
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