How to Grow Your Business in a Recession: Funding, Profitability and Sustainability
In this special edition of the Lift Your Sales series, we take a look at the elements of a recession, unemployment rates from 2019-2022, and the impact to law firms and legal tech companies.
6 Ways to Leverage the Power of Process and Workflows in Sales
CRM, cold prospecting, follow-up tasks and deal cycles require process to drive revenue. Following is a detailed list of best practices to help your team leverage the power of process and workflow in sales.
How to Use an SAP to Turn the Sales Process into a Buying Process
One of the most important tools in a sales executive’s belt is a Strategic Account Plan (SAP). It is one of the surest ways to secure an appointment, engage new business and drive revenue.
Hunters vs. Farmers:  Selling Legal Services in a Remote Environment
Sales professionals who have relied on existing business, become complacent with the status quo or realistically struggled on how to evolve through the pandemic can be retrained as HUNTERS with this process.
How to Reinvent Event ROI
Whether your 2022 events are virtual, in-person or a hybrid of both, the following four-stage strategy should help you reinvent your event ROI.
10 Steps to Align Legal Sales & Marketing
If you want to want to drive real revenue growth in an environment manipulated by a global pandemic, then you must find new ways to think about, study and prepare to meet the needs of the new legal services buyer.
5 Solutions to the Problems With Legal Tech Marketing & Sales
In response to the problems iterated in articles about legal tech marketing and sales, we offer five proven solutions on how to these revenue growth strategies should be evolving, post-pandemic.
6 Tips for Driving Sales Team Success:  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
When a team is working like a well-oiled machine, the power it generates is unstoppable. These 6 tips will turn your sales team into a high-performing race car, driving like lightning to victory lane.
The New Legal Services Buyer: How Technology Has Changed the Way We Buy and Sell
How do we connect with buyers of legal services and technology after more than a year of social separation, remote meetings, and backtracking on budgets?
Come Together: Aligning Marketing with Sales to Maximize ROI from Events
Here is a breakdown of the stages of planning conferences or tradeshows with a focus on bringing sales and marketing teams together before, during and after an event.